Empty Leg Flights

First things first. It is important to understand what we mean by the term empty leg flights. In simple terms, these are flights which normally are operated on empty planes. This is done with the sole aim of ensuring that they are in position and ready to catch another charter flight or they are returning from the same.

Empty Leg Flights

Empty legs are a common occurrence when an aircraft has only one-way charter and returns back to its base empty or it may just head for another location when it is still empty. Often, only the flight crew are usually onboard on empty legs.

Empty legs are a convenient way of helping you to save up to 75 percent of the total cost of a normal aircraft charter . It is therefore advisable to make use of this operation as long as they are available. Also, the empty leg services are not that difficult to find because it is not a limited service as many aircrafts do so including a wide range of private jets.
To make this service available to many people, many airports have companies that deal with the empty leg services among other services that they offer. These companies always provide up to date information on empty legs which are frequently published and updated on their websites to make them readily available to you as soon as they occur.
The empty leg flights are a fast rising business nowadays in major airports. In fact, there are also air leg specialists employed to advise the clients accordingly by giving information based on the databases as soon as the routes where the empty leg flights are headed to is updated on the database.
The empty leg services can be provided by a wide range of aircrafts such as helicopters, private jets, regional jet airliners, turboprops, narrow- & wide-body airliners not forgetting the executive and VIP airlines.
Flyflightpath are normally a part of inefficiency on the part of the private aviation industry and every single day, there are usually many empty legs flown around the world.

They are usually broadly categorized into two types which are:

  • The confirmed one-way empty leg

  • The true one-way empty leg.

The confirmed one-way type is usually very suitable for those who want to arrive at their place of destination on time because of a planned schedule and for those who are flexible with the time of arrival, the true one-way empty leg is the most appropriate for them.

In a nut shell, the empty leg flights are just a one-way flight with the flight crew on board and can occur due to the cancellation of an itinerary that ordered for it, but a fact is that the empty legs are usually a product of unavoidable circumstances most of the time.
Placing a booking for an empty leg is usually a simple task. All you need to have is a route. Thereafter the empty leg specialists will check with their databases to help you get an empty leg that is headed towards your destination.