Bone Structure Building Combines Beauty With Durability

bone structure building

A bone structure building is a result of a lot of work by architects and engineers to come up with a strong, light, and eco-friendly design for homes. Their company which developed the bone structure building calls the technology a smart way to create your new home – and it seems to be a very apt description. Each of these homes are unique and a result of high technology.

Structural Strength Of Bone Structure Buildings

The frames of each bone structure building are made of 11 gauge galvanized steel manufactured and cut with the same precision machines used in aircraft and automobile manufacture. Steel has been selected as the primary component because of its strength, resistance of rot, buckling or bending. Each component of the home is so precisely crafted that you can confidently order cabinets and other built in furniture even before the home is erected. The steel frame also provides space for tradesmen to install conduits for utilities. There are BONE electrical templates for electrical power outlets

The steel frame on bone structure buildings can be anchored on any type of foundation using a proprietary system the manufacturer calls the XYZ Bone Ankle System. Spaces can be built an amazing 25 feet in length without the need for load-bearing walls in between; a room measuring with an open space of 25 ft. x 100 ft. is achievable. On the steel frames are mounted Type II expanded polystyrene insulation boards and 2.5″ soy-based polyurethane spray foam designed to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer. The roof material also provides ample insulation being made of Structural Insulated Panels that boast of R-56 insulation rating; the insulation rating of wall panels is estimated at R-28.5.

Subfloors are precisely cut sections of 13 ply by ¾ inch thick plywood. Staircases are beautiful and solid steel structures which contribute to the overall strength of the structure. Aluminum frame windows can be designed full length if necessary, yet still retain an insulation rating of between 4 and 5.

Eco Friendly Benefits

Precision cutting and assembly result in a solid and sealed structure which can give significant energy savings over time. The accuracy with which materials are cut and assembled results in very little waste material; this saves the owner in terms of material costs. The efficient use of materials also benefit the environment. And of course the main component, steel, is 100% recyclable.

Custom Built Advantage

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That is why one of the first things prospective bone structure building owners are asked to do is meet up with the company’s team of architects. The aim is to ensure that the home will be built not only in conformance with local and national codes, but to ensure that the owner’s preferences are incorporated in the design. All bone structure homes are built to conform to the requirements of the National Building Code Of Canada. There are more than a dozen prepared designs to choose from, but even these are customizable.

Bone structure buildings are able to combine the client’s preferences with structural strength, durability and beauty.

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